Paper Memory Technology

Create the Next Generation

The first technology invented and development by T.ONODA
Prsent by PMCode Inc. from San Francisco.

This is

PM Code adds a third dimension of data resolution, and can actually store rich content.

2D code

PM Code is a next-generation 2D code that allows storage of digital data in a 3-dimensional structure.

3-dimensional structure

PM Code is stored from three dimensionals, length/up-to-bottom(X), width/right-to-left(Y), and height(Z).

Invention of PMCloud

There will be further evolution in future. Improvements from 3 D code to 4 Dimensional code will be tremendous evolution.

  This is PMCode
PMCode Basic Information 

PMCode is . .

PM Code is the abbreviation of Paper Memory Code. PM Code is the abbreviation of Paper Memory Code. It is the first technology in the world that uses three-dimensional code storing several digital data. For example, it could store numbers, text, pictures, music, and etc. It is only for smartphone, and by having the dedicated application it will allow to read the PM Code. This could be linked with Internet as well. PM Code is the future generation of technology that can’t be experienced anywhere else, but here.
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 Next-Generation 2D code

PMCode Technology Information

PM Code can be printed out or displayed on the monitor by using the PM Code writer application. PM Code’s data will be shown when PM Code is read with the application with the application.
-Format that corresponds for Writer: All the “Writer” will be able to cope with Digital Data -Format that corresponds for Reader: All the “Reader” will be able to cope with the format below -Text: Cope in any languages (UTF-8) -URL / html / html5 / JavaScript / (UTF-8) -Images: jpg / gif / png (will cope with AR) -MIDI -mp3 / mp4 /3gp -Coordinate and Link in variety of ways: Off Line / Off Line to On Line / Off Line and On Line (hybrid) *Like above, PM code can be used in varieties of ways with different formats
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  3-Dimensional structure
3 to 24 layers  

PM-Code have maximum 24 layers

PM Code is stored from three directions—length/up-to-bottom(X), width/right-to-left(Y), and height(Z). It is created by layers of two dimensional code and allotment of each layers additive colors. One dimensional code was only side ways (right to left) and two dimensional code was up-to-bottom and side ways (right to left). From black-and-white code to the basic color code, it increased the number of different code because of variety of combination of colors. However, the amount of data uses didn't increase at all. The use of different colors was already used from one dimensional code and two dimensional code. In order to increase the data and use the additive color, we have invented the three-dimensional code.
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Basic Algorism 

PM-Code Basic Algorism

-PM-Code Basic Algorism : High Density Multiple Layers "three dimensional" code-PM Code : "three dimensional" code consists of maximum 24 layers. For mobile use, the maximum layers will be 3 to 9 layers. -If it is a basic PM code, it consists with 3 layers, 8 colors. -PM-Code Basic Algorism : Additive Color Mixing for "three dimensional" code -PM Code : It make the most out of it by using full-range RGB and additive color mixing. -Same Cell : Red 1 bit + Green 1 bit = Yellow 2 bits (Amount of information) -Future Technology : Combination of Pattern (Bar / Car Code).


PMCode Technology Patent Information

About Patented and Trademark

PM Code has earned core technology patented in major countries around the world.
Content Idea of ASIA Co., Ltd invented and received the world’s first patent in this technology.
Have received a patent in major countries around the world.
For more details please take a look at “Paper Memory : Patent”.

Feature: PMCloud
Paper Memory Technology 

PMCode Reader App Information

-Future of PM-Code : There will be further evolution in future. -Improvements from "three dimensional" code to "four dimensional" code will be tremendous evolution. -Future of PM-Code : There will be increase in the memory (多次元化) -Currently under development of (多次元化) -If we combine the PM code's additive color mixing module and shape/module pattern/symbol it will lead to the path to create "four dimensional", "five dimensional", and "six dimensional" code in future. -Theoretical Value data of storing memory -"Four Dimensional" : -"Five Dimensional" : -"Six Dimensional"
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